Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Air Pollution Control

Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

By treating the wastewater they generate, companies comply with legal requirements, enhance their public image and improve their bottom-line. Only the best available techniques will lead to rational use of the planet's limited and irreplaceable resources, leading to sustainable development in the country. CENTROPROJEKT DO BRASIL has the necessary tools to offer different industries cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions applying the latest scientific findings in the physical, chemical, and biological process areas.

We have the capacity to implement advanced solutions, applying the best available technologies:

  • “Attisholz” Two-Stage Activated Sludge Treatment;
  • “UASB” Anaerobic Treatment;
  • Batch Aerobic Treatment;
  • Constant Level Aerobic “Treatment AS/LLAS”, a Finnish process for wastewater generated by pulp & paper mills;
  • Tertiary Treatment for Phosphorus & Nitrogen Removal;
  • “MBR” Membrane Bioreactors;
  • Physical/Chemical Treatment for the Chemical/Petrochemical Sectors;
  • Physical/Chemical Treatment for oil and grease removal.;
  • Solid removal systems;
  • Recirculation and cooling systems;
  • Invent Aeration & Mixture Hyperbolic System;
  • Water Reuse Systems;
  • Invent Aeration Systems;
  • Floating Aeration Systems;
  • Aqwise AGAR Process, which offers increased nutrient removal capacity without additional tankage;
  • Bioexton – Waste Accelerated Degradation System;
  • Walnut Shell Filters » More.

Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment, including nutrient removal, is one of the biggest challenges faced by most Brazilian cities.

We have the right technologies to meet market demands, using vacuum sewage collection systems, mechanical bar screens, sieves, screw pumps, sand and fat separators, solids classification and compaction devices, aeration systems, and sludge scrapers, as individual components or complete equipment package for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.

With wide technological experience and the support of our international partners, we offer:

  • Primary Treatment
  • Activated Sludge Aerobic Treatment
  • UASB Anaerobic Treatment
  • Sequenced Batch Reactor Treatment
  • For Pulp and Paper effluents we use the KAUKO process from Finland, an AS/LLAS technology proven in dozens of applications, also in South America
  • Biodigestion - Aerobic Treatment
  • Carrousel Treatment System
  • Tertiary Treatment with Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal
  • Biological Removal and Neutralization
  • MBR- Membrane Bioreactors
  • Biological Filters
  • Suspended Carrier Material Biology: Aqwise AGAR® Process, which offers increased nutrient removal capacity without additional tankage


We are authorized dealers of HUBER products in Brasil. Huber manufactures solid/liquid separation systems. We offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel products, from fine screens to sludge dewatering systems.
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