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Air pollution is an issue that has become the subject of concern in all large companies committed to social responsibility. Besides that, current legislation requires that companies comply with increasingly strict environmental regulations. In tune with market demands, Centroprojekt has once more innovated and included in its portfolio state-of-the-art air treatment technologies. In partnership with ELEX S.A, a Swiss company that has pioneered introduction of gas purification systems, with over 6000 plants spread worldwide, and over 73 years of experience, our company provides:

  • continuous development of components for electrostatic precipitators using the most advanced technologies available;
  • analysis and assessment of measurements carried out at selected plants under different operational conditions;
  • feasibility study for adoption of electrostatic precipitators in new fields;
  • construction of catalytic plants to eliminate nitrogen oxides (Nox) in domestic waste incineration units; sludge incineration units in sewage and wastewater treatment plants; special waste incineration units; combustion units in general; etc.

Other products:

  • Nox Removal Systems through catalysis for treatment of residual gases from waste incineration plants, clinquer kilns, etc.
  • Hybrid filters to enhance the efficiency of existing electrostatic precipitators.