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As a company that recognizes its responsibility towards society, Centroprojekt has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy showing our commitment to operating with ethical and socially sound principles.
We are committed to:

Ensuring perpetuity of our business considering all economic, environmental, and social aspects, promoting ethics, sustainable development, and citizenship; complying with all applicable laws and internal guidelines, seeking continuous improvement and minimizing any negative impact caused by our corporate social responsibility system.


Centroprojekt do Brasil uses a different approach towards corporate social responsibility.

The company is committed to helping respected charities, but it understands financial support is not enough. Its support includes visiting; donating school, hygiene, and reading materials, clothes, and medicines, etc.; and stimulating its employees to take part in this cause by visiting the charities and participating in the events they organize.

Centroprojekt helps CAJEC, a charity dedicated to helping underprivileged children and teenagers with cancer throughout Latin America. CAJEC was founded in 1996, based on the dream of José Eduardo Cavichio, a 16-year old young man who fought against cancer for 2 years, and who decided to help children with the same condition.

Although José Eduardo eventually passed away, he inspired the people around him – the same people who founded the institution.

CAJEC is a different institution, where, besides medical help, patients can find love, affection, and a place to live and have fun, and where they can have the company of their beloved ones.

CAJEC accepts all kinds of donations, including money, books, clothes, school and personal care supplies, and medicines. Visitors are welcome to bring happiness, attention and affection, which we believe is the best thing we can do for the patients.

We know there are millions of people in need of help, and Centroprojekt do Brasil wants to make a difference and show it really cares about people's well-being. The company believes in showing solidarity with those around us.