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2001 – Centroprojekt a.s., a traditional European company based in Zlín, Czech Republic, and a leading provider of architectural, project and consulting services, as well as procurement and turnkey system management services, acquires Lurgi-CFA, taking advantage of both companies’ technologies, assets and technical teams.

2003 –
Centroprojekt do Brasil wins a bid to supply water impounding systems, reservoirs, water and wastewater treatment plants, and a wastewater drainage system to Veracel. At the time, the WWTP was the largest WWTP supplied to the pulp and paper industry in Brazil, using state-of-the-art technology.

2003-2007 –
Centroprojekt do Brasil becomes a leading provider of water, wastewater, and sewage treatment solutions, as well as air pollution control systems. Its customer portfolio includes major water/wastewater treatment, mining, metallurgical, and pulp and paper companies.

2008-2010 –
Centroprojekt do Brasil wins its first contracts to supply water and wastewater treatment and water reuse systems to Petrobras’ refineries, including Presidente Bernardes (RPBC), in  Cubatão, and Planalto (REPLAN), in Paulínia, both in the state of São Paulo; and Getúlio Vargas (REPAR), in Araucaria, in the state of Paraná.